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Auto Body Repair Reviews Blaine | North Star Auto Body

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auto_body_repair_reviews_blaineWhat’s the first thing someone should do before getting their car fixed? They should read auto body repair reviews Blaine. North Star Auto Body takes reviews very seriously, because their reputation matters. If people say negative things about a repair shop online on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Facebook, those negative comments can truly hurt a business. Therefore, North Star Auto Body goes above and beyond expectations to deliver nothing but the best to each and every customer.

North Star Auto Body’s goal is to satisfy each customer, treating them with integrity and kindness. Have you ever been to a repair shop where you felt ignored or like you were intruding on their “turf?” That can be really awkward. Furthermore, some shops are filthy, dirty and run-down and you feel like you need a bath after sitting in their waiting room. North Star Auto Body believes in keeping an extremely clean, well-lit, friendly atmosphere at its shop in Blaine. The state-of-the-art facilities show the customer that the owners invest in what they do, in order to bring the best auto repair experience to the great people of Blaine, MN.

Online, if you google North Star Auto Body, you’re likely to find people’s opinions about their service. This is true for other competitors as well. As a good consumer, do “due diligence” by checking out the various auto body repair reviews Blaine and nearby. Consider whether or not the author had an axe to grind. See if what you need done to your vehicle is mentioned in a review or two, to see how others fared in the past.

It’s also a good idea to ask friends and family their opinions about where they’d take their car or truck for service. Pay attention to those you trust and avoid the opinions of those you don’t.

Chances are that you’ll discover North Star Auto Body has built a strong reputation for delivering great customer service, and making cars and trucks look and run their best. Go ahead- check auto body repair reviews Blaine. Blaine’s favorite is North Star.

Car Restoration Blaine

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car_restoration_blaineFor car restoration Blaine, you can trust Northstar Auto Body & Glass. Taking older cars that have rust on them, and restoring them to look like new is something we do, and do well.

Restoring older cars involves several steps. Ideally, we want to make your classic car look as historically accurate as possible, which means finding replacement parts from the old days that are in excellent condition.

Regarding a car’s interior, oftentimes the upholstery is torn or faded and the switches and gauges are worn, missing, or need adjustment. Sometimes the radio needs fixing, and in some cases customers want a more modern radio installed so they can play CDs rather than cassette tapes, for example.

When working on a car’s interior, typically we vacuum it, remove the floor and door panels, clean and polish everything that needs cleaning, and replace parts piece-by-piece on an as-needed basis.

Northstar is well known for its car restoration Blaine, especially for our keen exterior restoration work. We can strip the paint to bare metal, replace and/or work with the panels, priming them, and then repaint the exterior so the car looks good as new. If there’s rust on the car’s body, we’ll either sandblast it off, or, if needed, replace the really rusted panels with new sheet metal. Meanwhile, we pay attention to things like door handles, mirrors, taillights and more, ensuring that everything works and sparkles like new.

Underneath the hood, we can tackle restoring the engine. Sometimes we have to completely rebuild or replace it, while other times it just requires some minor adjustments to be in good working condition. Taking a look at the various parts, like the fuel pumps, cylinder heads and pistons, Northstar’s experienced techs know what to look for when it comes to parts needing repairs versus replacements.

For top-notch car restoration Blaine, bring your car or truck to Northstar Auto Body & Glass where we’ll restore it so well, you’d think it was brand new.

Goodbye Rust, Auto Body Rust Repair Blaine

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auto_body_rust_repair_blaineGot rust? The place for auto body rust repair Blaine, MN, is North Star Auto Body & Glass at 2136 108th Lane NE.

If you were alive in the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll remember seeing a lot of cars and trucks on the road covered with rust. In fact, the term “rust bucket” was often used to describe the rustiest of vehicles.

Rust is an iron oxide, usually reddish brown in color, which has plagued car and truck owners for decades. Rusting happens when iron and its alloys, such as steel, corrode over time thanks to water and air moisture. With all the rain, wind, sleet, snow and ice Minnesota winters get, it’s no wonder that many vehicles have experienced flaky, unsightly rust problems over the years.

While more modern vehicles, in particular, don’t seem to rust like older models—due to different materials used in the manufacturing process—there are still plenty of vehicles on the road suffering from spots of rust, as well as body panels, particularly near the tires, experiencing rust.

Rust is like acne—no one wants it, but it exists, and sooner or later you or someone you know gets it. And just like acne, people will do whatever they can to get rid of the rust on their otherwise attractive car or truck.

For auto body rust repair Blaine, North Star Auto Body & Glass is the place to take your vehicle for a “makeover.” The professional techs at North Star have the right equipment to get rid of rust and do quality restoration work on your car or truck so it looks as good as new. North Star’s state-of-the-art painting services go on smooth and clean. You bring in a rusty vehicle, and you can leave with the rust gone—plain and simple as that.

North Star offers auto body rust repair Blaine on all types of vehicles. If you’ve got a “rust bucket” that needs improvement, call 763-432-7537 to get the job done.