Auto Body Repair Reviews Blaine MN

auto_body_repair_reviews_Blaine_MNIn the Twin Cities metro region, auto body repair reviews Blaine MN indicate that North Star Auto Body regularly satisfies customers with integrity, kindness, and professional work.

Choosing the right auto body shop for repairs and repainting can get a little complicated because different shops will offer various estimates– some of which will be very cheap. Remember this: you get what you pay for. When a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is!

For auto body repair reviews Blaine MN residents can ask around to see what their friends, family or acquaintances recommend. If a business has proven it can satisfy customers time and time again then the word-of-mouth reputation will be good. Also, consider the location of an auto body shop– are they in the ritziest section of town where costs are higher for everything? Be aware of an auto body shop’s per-hour labor charge and decide whether or not you’re okay with it.

Some good questions to ask in regards to auto body repair reviews Blaine MN include, “Does the shop provide a written warranty and if so, what does it cover and how long does it last?” and “Does the shop carry fire and theft insurance?” Furthermore, “How long has the shop been in business?” and “Can I see the business license?”

If you don’t feel right about your vehicle being serviced/repaired somewhere, then go somewhere else. Trust your intuition. Auto body repair reviews Blaine MN show North Star Auto Body to be a trustworthy place doing quality work– definitely a shop to consider! Call 763-432-7537 to schedule an appointment to have work done on your vehicle or bring your vehicle in to get a free estimate. At North Star Auto Body, trained technicians treat vehicles as if they were their own, ensuring top-quality repairs, repainting and other needed services.

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