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Dent Repair Blaine MN

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dent_repair_blaine_mnFor dent repair Blaine MN knows to go to North Star Auto Body. When a vehicle gets dented, it may be no big deal to some people, or it may matter a lot– it often depends on a person’s personality and their temperament.

Think of The Odd Couple. One was/is a slob, while the other is a neatnik. One wouldn’t care about having a dented vehicle, while the other one could not sleep well knowing everyone else was noticing his or her dented car.

With vehicles, aesthetics matter. While most modern automotive paints are hard and resilient, dents and chipped or cracked paint happen. You can try and do dent repair Blaine MN yourself, or you can take the dent to North Star Auto Body for professional care and repair.

Did you know that proper dent removal typically approaches the damaged area(s) from the inside? Professional techs at North Star Auto Body will know what needs to be removed to access the damaged area, and they have the right tools to make it so.  Furthermore, ask yourself this question: “Do I do dent repairs daily?” If the answer is no, then you should consider having North Star Auto Body do your dent repair Blaine MN.

One of the problems of doing your own dent repair is that you may not be able to maintain a steady hand and gentle pace that’s needed to get the job done properly. It’s not unusual for amateur dent repairers to make their dents worse than had they just left them alone. Keep in mind that metal holds its shape to a certain point and if you pushed it a little too much you’ve got a more awkward look than before– not good.

Rather than try and do dent repair Blaine MN on your own, call North Star Auto Body at 763-432-7537.

Car Painting Blaine | NorthStar Auto Body

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car_painting_blaineProfessional car painting Blaine is available at North Star Auto Body, where your vehicle gets treated like the important piece of machinery it is.

All too often, people go to the local discount store and buy things like paint markers or paint kits to “touch-up” the spots on their car or truck where the paint has chipped off. Cheap products applied amateurishly end up making the vehicle look worse than before. If and when you tried to “do-it-yourself,” and it turned out to look really bad, bring the vehicle to North Star Auto Body for proper car painting Blaine. North Star can fix paint mistakes, big or small.

North Star Auto Body can remove touch-up paint that looks bad and detail the area(s) so the nicks, scratches, chips and other problems disappear. Also, North Star is able to do a great paint color and shade match so you wouldn’t even know there used to be something wrong with a spot or two on your car or truck. North Star pays special attention to how smooth the paint looks, matches and shines– making sure it looks as good (or better) than a factory paint job.

There’s a lot that goes into car painting. Blaine motorists know that North Star Auto Body has a state-of-the-art facility which has all the kinds of tools and equipment to give a vehicle the professional care and attention it needs. Furthermore, North Star’s experienced techs make their living painting cars and trucks, and take great pride in their work. In other words, they treat your vehicle like their own, ensuring that it turns out looking superb.

If you value your car and care about how it looks, take it to North Star Auto Body for a professional car painting Blaine.

Auto Body Repair Reviews Blaine | North Star Auto Body

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auto_body_repair_reviews_blaineWhat’s the first thing someone should do before getting their car fixed? They should read auto body repair reviews Blaine. North Star Auto Body takes reviews very seriously, because their reputation matters. If people say negative things about a repair shop online on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Facebook, those negative comments can truly hurt a business. Therefore, North Star Auto Body goes above and beyond expectations to deliver nothing but the best to each and every customer.

North Star Auto Body’s goal is to satisfy each customer, treating them with integrity and kindness. Have you ever been to a repair shop where you felt ignored or like you were intruding on their “turf?” That can be really awkward. Furthermore, some shops are filthy, dirty and run-down and you feel like you need a bath after sitting in their waiting room. North Star Auto Body believes in keeping an extremely clean, well-lit, friendly atmosphere at its shop in Blaine. The state-of-the-art facilities show the customer that the owners invest in what they do, in order to bring the best auto repair experience to the great people of Blaine, MN.

Online, if you google North Star Auto Body, you’re likely to find people’s opinions about their service. This is true for other competitors as well. As a good consumer, do “due diligence” by checking out the various auto body repair reviews Blaine and nearby. Consider whether or not the author had an axe to grind. See if what you need done to your vehicle is mentioned in a review or two, to see how others fared in the past.

It’s also a good idea to ask friends and family their opinions about where they’d take their car or truck for service. Pay attention to those you trust and avoid the opinions of those you don’t.

Chances are that you’ll discover North Star Auto Body has built a strong reputation for delivering great customer service, and making cars and trucks look and run their best. Go ahead- check auto body repair reviews Blaine. Blaine’s favorite is North Star.

Auto Body Collision Repair Blaine | NorthStar Auto Body

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Car accidents really shake a person up. Eventually, the vehicle needs to be taken to an auto body shop. For auto body collision repair Blaine, that shop is North Star Auto Body, which can take care of the damages and get the vehicle looking and functioning good as new.

If you or someone you know is driving along and unexpectedly gets into a crash situation, there are several things to remember to do. Even though you’ll be shaken up, it’s important to stay as calm as possible and determine the extent of the damage to the vehicle, as well as if you or someone else has sustained injuries.

An accident should only be discussed with police– not the people who hit you or you hit. A police officer should be called to arrive at the crash site and take copious notes of what they find. You should file a car accident report with the police, so there’s a proper record of the accident which can then be used in court, if needed. Insurance companies will also want to see the report.

Meanwhile, if you have a smartphone or other device with a camera, don’t hesitate to take as many pictures, from as many angles, as possible, so you have visual proof of damages. Auto body collision repair Blaine like North Star can use those photos to aid them in fixing what has been damaged.

If another vehicle is involved in the crash, you can ask the other driver for their name, address and phone number, along with the name of their insurance company and the vehicle identification number of their car or truck.

It’s then wise to call your insurance company immediately to report the accident– if you can do this from “the scene,” do so.

Accidents happen all too often, and that means cars and trucks get banged up bad. Should you find yourself in a situation where the vehicle you were in is no longer drivable, call North Star Auto Body at 763-432-7537. As auto body collision repair Blaine, North Star is prepared to collect your damaged vehicle, bring it to the shop, deal with the insurance companies, and repair/replace broken parts as needed.

Paint Car Cost Blaine | NorthStar Auto Body

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paint_car_cost_blaineMost people assume paint car cost Blaine, would be expensive.

“Should I spend money on painting my car to make it look better? Is it worth it?”

The answer is “Yes.” North Star Auto Body makes it possible for you to have professionals paint your car keeping the cost down so you can afford to look good driving around in Blaine, MN and not have to totally break the bank.

Some of the main reasons you might want to consider getting paint work done to your vehicle include getting rid of paint scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring and more. If you have paint imperfections, North Star Auto Body has the proper facility and trained technicians who know how to get rid of those imperfections.

Do you want to restore your vehicle to its polished, perfect look? Get rid of dull/faded paintwork and have it resprayed professionally so it looks almost brand new.

Whether your vehicle is ten months old or ten years old, it doesn’t matter: one thing is for sure, and that is that your vehicle’s paint job will be noticed by just about everybody, from the people walking on sidewalks to your neighbors next door.

North Star’s paint shop is state-of-the-art and, more importantly, the guys painting your vehicle are the best in the State of Minnesota. With great attention given to the details, as if they were painting their own car or truck, North Star painters prep your vehicle’s surface properly. Then they take great pride in painting your vehicle to look the way you want it to look. They’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. After all, a person’s vehicle is one of their biggest investments, and is often treated like a member of the family– so it deserves extra special treatment.

Is cost an issue? It shouldn’t be. The ‘paint car cost Blaine’ per vehicle is quite affordable. How affordable, you wonder? Call North Star Auto Body today at 763-432-7537 and ask for a free quote. It’s time your vehicle got its professional paint job done!

Car Restoration Blaine

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car_restoration_blaineFor car restoration Blaine, you can trust Northstar Auto Body & Glass. Taking older cars that have rust on them, and restoring them to look like new is something we do, and do well.

Restoring older cars involves several steps. Ideally, we want to make your classic car look as historically accurate as possible, which means finding replacement parts from the old days that are in excellent condition.

Regarding a car’s interior, oftentimes the upholstery is torn or faded and the switches and gauges are worn, missing, or need adjustment. Sometimes the radio needs fixing, and in some cases customers want a more modern radio installed so they can play CDs rather than cassette tapes, for example.

When working on a car’s interior, typically we vacuum it, remove the floor and door panels, clean and polish everything that needs cleaning, and replace parts piece-by-piece on an as-needed basis.

Northstar is well known for its car restoration Blaine, especially for our keen exterior restoration work. We can strip the paint to bare metal, replace and/or work with the panels, priming them, and then repaint the exterior so the car looks good as new. If there’s rust on the car’s body, we’ll either sandblast it off, or, if needed, replace the really rusted panels with new sheet metal. Meanwhile, we pay attention to things like door handles, mirrors, taillights and more, ensuring that everything works and sparkles like new.

Underneath the hood, we can tackle restoring the engine. Sometimes we have to completely rebuild or replace it, while other times it just requires some minor adjustments to be in good working condition. Taking a look at the various parts, like the fuel pumps, cylinder heads and pistons, Northstar’s experienced techs know what to look for when it comes to parts needing repairs versus replacements.

For top-notch car restoration Blaine, bring your car or truck to Northstar Auto Body & Glass where we’ll restore it so well, you’d think it was brand new.