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Car accidents really shake a person up. Eventually, the vehicle needs to be taken to an auto body shop. For auto body collision repair Blaine, that shop is North Star Auto Body, which can take care of the damages and get the vehicle looking and functioning good as new.

If you or someone you know is driving along and unexpectedly gets into a crash situation, there are several things to remember to do. Even though you’ll be shaken up, it’s important to stay as calm as possible and determine the extent of the damage to the vehicle, as well as if you or someone else has sustained injuries.

An accident should only be discussed with police– not the people who hit you or you hit. A police officer should be called to arrive at the crash site and take copious notes of what they find. You should file a car accident report with the police, so there’s a proper record of the accident which can then be used in court, if needed. Insurance companies will also want to see the report.

Meanwhile, if you have a smartphone or other device with a camera, don’t hesitate to take as many pictures, from as many angles, as possible, so you have visual proof of damages. Auto body collision repair Blaine like North Star can use those photos to aid them in fixing what has been damaged.

If another vehicle is involved in the crash, you can ask the other driver for their name, address and phone number, along with the name of their insurance company and the vehicle identification number of their car or truck.

It’s then wise to call your insurance company immediately to report the accident– if you can do this from “the scene,” do so.

Accidents happen all too often, and that means cars and trucks get banged up bad. Should you find yourself in a situation where the vehicle you were in is no longer drivable, call North Star Auto Body at 763-432-7537. As auto body collision repair Blaine, North Star is prepared to collect your damaged vehicle, bring it to the shop, deal with the insurance companies, and repair/replace broken parts as needed.

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