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Auto Body Repair Estimate Blaine

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auto_body_repair_estimate_blaineNeed an auto body repair estimate Blaine? North Star Auto Body in Blaine, MN offers free estimates.

How do you choose the right auto body shop when you’re looking for an auto body repair estimate Blaine?

Prices vary from shop to shop. One shop might give you an estimate for $300 while another asks for $1,000. How are you to know which one to choose?

First, ask around and see what friends, family members and even acquaintances or co-workers have to say about the various auto body shops in town. You’re bound to get a lot of opinions, and you can tell which one (or ones) are preferred by the amount of good comments they get. You can also figure out which ones to avoid if multiple people tell you to “steer clear of so-and-so!”

Next, take into account where shops are located and how much overhead they’ve got. If a shop is located in a wealthier part of town, it’s bound to charge more for services because its expenses are higher. The more workers an auto body shop has, the bigger its payroll, right? How many people are essential to getting the job done at a certain shop, versus how many are just walking around or sitting at a desk all day looking busy, collecting a paycheck, but not contributing much to the business?

Because prices and costs vary, when you’re going to get an auto body repair estimate Blaine, get more than one. Go to three shops, tell them each what you need done, and see what they write on paper regarding what they’ll do and how much they’ll charge. Then take these papers home and mull them over. Decide which one you think makes the most sense to choose based on price, their attitude/professionalism, and your gut feeling.

When choosing an auto body shop, ask smart questions like, “Do you provide a written warranty and if so, what does it specifically cover and how long is it good for?”

For an auto body repair estimate Blaine residents can call North Star Auto Body at 763-432-7537.

Dent Repair Blaine MN

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dent_repair_blaine_mnFor dent repair Blaine MN knows to go to North Star Auto Body. When a vehicle gets dented, it may be no big deal to some people, or it may matter a lot– it often depends on a person’s personality and their temperament.

Think of The Odd Couple. One was/is a slob, while the other is a neatnik. One wouldn’t care about having a dented vehicle, while the other one could not sleep well knowing everyone else was noticing his or her dented car.

With vehicles, aesthetics matter. While most modern automotive paints are hard and resilient, dents and chipped or cracked paint happen. You can try and do dent repair Blaine MN yourself, or you can take the dent to North Star Auto Body for professional care and repair.

Did you know that proper dent removal typically approaches the damaged area(s) from the inside? Professional techs at North Star Auto Body will know what needs to be removed to access the damaged area, and they have the right tools to make it so.  Furthermore, ask yourself this question: “Do I do dent repairs daily?” If the answer is no, then you should consider having North Star Auto Body do your dent repair Blaine MN.

One of the problems of doing your own dent repair is that you may not be able to maintain a steady hand and gentle pace that’s needed to get the job done properly. It’s not unusual for amateur dent repairers to make their dents worse than had they just left them alone. Keep in mind that metal holds its shape to a certain point and if you pushed it a little too much you’ve got a more awkward look than before– not good.

Rather than try and do dent repair Blaine MN on your own, call North Star Auto Body at 763-432-7537.

Auto Body Repair Reviews Blaine MN

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auto_body_repair_reviews_Blaine_MNIn the Twin Cities metro region, auto body repair reviews Blaine MN indicate that North Star Auto Body regularly satisfies customers with integrity, kindness, and professional work.

Choosing the right auto body shop for repairs and repainting can get a little complicated because different shops will offer various estimates– some of which will be very cheap. Remember this: you get what you pay for. When a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is!

For auto body repair reviews Blaine MN residents can ask around to see what their friends, family or acquaintances recommend. If a business has proven it can satisfy customers time and time again then the word-of-mouth reputation will be good. Also, consider the location of an auto body shop– are they in the ritziest section of town where costs are higher for everything? Be aware of an auto body shop’s per-hour labor charge and decide whether or not you’re okay with it.

Some good questions to ask in regards to auto body repair reviews Blaine MN include, “Does the shop provide a written warranty and if so, what does it cover and how long does it last?” and “Does the shop carry fire and theft insurance?” Furthermore, “How long has the shop been in business?” and “Can I see the business license?”

If you don’t feel right about your vehicle being serviced/repaired somewhere, then go somewhere else. Trust your intuition. Auto body repair reviews Blaine MN show North Star Auto Body to be a trustworthy place doing quality work– definitely a shop to consider! Call 763-432-7537 to schedule an appointment to have work done on your vehicle or bring your vehicle in to get a free estimate. At North Star Auto Body, trained technicians treat vehicles as if they were their own, ensuring top-quality repairs, repainting and other needed services.

Auto Body Collision Repair Blaine MN

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Auto_Body_Collision_Repair_Blaine_MNFor auto body collision repair Blaine MN, North Star Auto Body will never agree to “bury the deductible,” which is insurance fraud. Furthermore, North Star Auto Body won’t take short cuts to make repairs, and won’t do a second rate, sloppy job. North Star Auto Body treats auto body collision repair Blaine MN customers well, in that every vehicle is given the utmost care. Work is done by experienced, qualified technicians who treat every vehicle as if it was their own.

You’re welcome to drop off your vehicle during regular hours at North Star Auto Body in order to have it worked on, or you can call ahead and schedule a specific appointment time.  The shop is located at 2136 108th Lane NE in Blaine, MN.

Repairs start as soon as possible because North Star Auto Body knows your time is valuable and you want your vehicle back as soon as possible. You’re always welcome to ask questions, including ones that pertain to how long repairs will take.

North Star Auto Body collision repair Blaine MN offers a variety of auto body repair services that range from cosmetic ding and dent repair to extensive collision damage repair as well as quality restoration work.

In particular, North Star Auto Body is known for offering a variety of painting services, providing expert factory color matching and blending for vehicle repairs. Painting a car to mirror a factory automotive paint finish requires excellent products, a great paint booth, the right body shop, and process-driven technicians.

As for paint matching services, North Star Auto Body excels at fixing vehicles so the paint job looks “just right.” Thanks to paint mixing technology and computers, these days it’s not unusual for a professional paint job to look so good that you wouldn’t even realize it has been repainted.

Detailing Blaine MN

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detailing_Blaine_MNWhen you need detailing Blaine MN, go to North Star Auto Body. People pay attention to details, and detailing Blaine MN involves professionally cleaning a car or truck so that it looks its best both inside and out.

If you want to attempt to detail your vehicle yourself, there are several things to pay attention to, including the cup holders, vents, buttons and switches. With a microfiber cloth and some cotton swabs, along with various sprays and store-bought cleaners, you can detail your own vehicle. Get ready to sweat as you contort your body into unusual positions in order to get at debris wedged between sill lips and carpeting. And get ready to inhale the smell of a foaming aerosol cleaner when you want to clean carpets and upholstery. On plastic surfaces you should use ammonia-free glass cleaner. To get at dirt, little stones, tiny pieces of paper and other items that end up underneath seats and such, use a vacuum. Try and clean your vehicle when it’s cloudy and cool outside so you won’t sweat as much.

As for the exterior of your vehicle, you can make your tire rims sparkle by scrubbing them with a sponge, using an old toothbrush on them, and applying a non-abrasive cleaning product. After all that, rinse with water. To wash the rest of the vehicle, don’t use dish soap or laundry detergent– rather, use a store-bought car cleaner solution and water from the garden hose. You can also use a clay bar kit and a durable liquid car wax to clean and shine the vehicle’s exterior.

It’s a good idea to store your supplies in a plastic bucket, which can also be used to hold water when actually detailing the car or truck. Also, a lamb’s wool mitt functions well as a way to remove dirt and sand while also allowing you to properly clean the vehicle.

Detailing takes time. For detailing Blaine MN services, North Star Auto Body has great detailers with both the knowledge and the tools to get the job done for you. Detailing Blaine MN is what North Star Auto Body does, and does well.

Car Restoration Blaine

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car_restoration_blaineFor car restoration Blaine, you can trust Northstar Auto Body & Glass. Taking older cars that have rust on them, and restoring them to look like new is something we do, and do well.

Restoring older cars involves several steps. Ideally, we want to make your classic car look as historically accurate as possible, which means finding replacement parts from the old days that are in excellent condition.

Regarding a car’s interior, oftentimes the upholstery is torn or faded and the switches and gauges are worn, missing, or need adjustment. Sometimes the radio needs fixing, and in some cases customers want a more modern radio installed so they can play CDs rather than cassette tapes, for example.

When working on a car’s interior, typically we vacuum it, remove the floor and door panels, clean and polish everything that needs cleaning, and replace parts piece-by-piece on an as-needed basis.

Northstar is well known for its car restoration Blaine, especially for our keen exterior restoration work. We can strip the paint to bare metal, replace and/or work with the panels, priming them, and then repaint the exterior so the car looks good as new. If there’s rust on the car’s body, we’ll either sandblast it off, or, if needed, replace the really rusted panels with new sheet metal. Meanwhile, we pay attention to things like door handles, mirrors, taillights and more, ensuring that everything works and sparkles like new.

Underneath the hood, we can tackle restoring the engine. Sometimes we have to completely rebuild or replace it, while other times it just requires some minor adjustments to be in good working condition. Taking a look at the various parts, like the fuel pumps, cylinder heads and pistons, Northstar’s experienced techs know what to look for when it comes to parts needing repairs versus replacements.

For top-notch car restoration Blaine, bring your car or truck to Northstar Auto Body & Glass where we’ll restore it so well, you’d think it was brand new.

Goodbye Rust, Auto Body Rust Repair Blaine

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auto_body_rust_repair_blaineGot rust? The place for auto body rust repair Blaine, MN, is North Star Auto Body & Glass at 2136 108th Lane NE.

If you were alive in the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll remember seeing a lot of cars and trucks on the road covered with rust. In fact, the term “rust bucket” was often used to describe the rustiest of vehicles.

Rust is an iron oxide, usually reddish brown in color, which has plagued car and truck owners for decades. Rusting happens when iron and its alloys, such as steel, corrode over time thanks to water and air moisture. With all the rain, wind, sleet, snow and ice Minnesota winters get, it’s no wonder that many vehicles have experienced flaky, unsightly rust problems over the years.

While more modern vehicles, in particular, don’t seem to rust like older models—due to different materials used in the manufacturing process—there are still plenty of vehicles on the road suffering from spots of rust, as well as body panels, particularly near the tires, experiencing rust.

Rust is like acne—no one wants it, but it exists, and sooner or later you or someone you know gets it. And just like acne, people will do whatever they can to get rid of the rust on their otherwise attractive car or truck.

For auto body rust repair Blaine, North Star Auto Body & Glass is the place to take your vehicle for a “makeover.” The professional techs at North Star have the right equipment to get rid of rust and do quality restoration work on your car or truck so it looks as good as new. North Star’s state-of-the-art painting services go on smooth and clean. You bring in a rusty vehicle, and you can leave with the rust gone—plain and simple as that.

North Star offers auto body rust repair Blaine on all types of vehicles. If you’ve got a “rust bucket” that needs improvement, call 763-432-7537 to get the job done.