Auto Body Collision Repair Blaine MN

Auto_Body_Collision_Repair_Blaine_MNFor auto body collision repair Blaine MN, North Star Auto Body will never agree to “bury the deductible,” which is insurance fraud. Furthermore, North Star Auto Body won’t take short cuts to make repairs, and won’t do a second rate, sloppy job. North Star Auto Body treats auto body collision repair Blaine MN customers well, in that every vehicle is given the utmost care. Work is done by experienced, qualified technicians who treat every vehicle as if it was their own.

You’re welcome to drop off your vehicle during regular hours at North Star Auto Body in order to have it worked on, or you can call ahead and schedule a specific appointment time.  The shop is located at 2136 108th Lane NE in Blaine, MN.

Repairs start as soon as possible because North Star Auto Body knows your time is valuable and you want your vehicle back as soon as possible. You’re always welcome to ask questions, including ones that pertain to how long repairs will take.

North Star Auto Body collision repair Blaine MN offers a variety of auto body repair services that range from cosmetic ding and dent repair to extensive collision damage repair as well as quality restoration work.

In particular, North Star Auto Body is known for offering a variety of painting services, providing expert factory color matching and blending for vehicle repairs. Painting a car to mirror a factory automotive paint finish requires excellent products, a great paint booth, the right body shop, and process-driven technicians.

As for paint matching services, North Star Auto Body excels at fixing vehicles so the paint job looks “just right.” Thanks to paint mixing technology and computers, these days it’s not unusual for a professional paint job to look so good that you wouldn’t even realize it has been repainted.

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