Auto Body Repair Estimate Blaine

auto_body_repair_estimate_blaineNeed an auto body repair estimate Blaine? North Star Auto Body in Blaine, MN offers free estimates.

How do you choose the right auto body shop when you’re looking for an auto body repair estimate Blaine?

Prices vary from shop to shop. One shop might give you an estimate for $300 while another asks for $1,000. How are you to know which one to choose?

First, ask around and see what friends, family members and even acquaintances or co-workers have to say about the various auto body shops in town. You’re bound to get a lot of opinions, and you can tell which one (or ones) are preferred by the amount of good comments they get. You can also figure out which ones to avoid if multiple people tell you to “steer clear of so-and-so!”

Next, take into account where shops are located and how much overhead they’ve got. If a shop is located in a wealthier part of town, it’s bound to charge more for services because its expenses are higher. The more workers an auto body shop has, the bigger its payroll, right? How many people are essential to getting the job done at a certain shop, versus how many are just walking around or sitting at a desk all day looking busy, collecting a paycheck, but not contributing much to the business?

Because prices and costs vary, when you’re going to get an auto body repair estimate Blaine, get more than one. Go to three shops, tell them each what you need done, and see what they write on paper regarding what they’ll do and how much they’ll charge. Then take these papers home and mull them over. Decide which one you think makes the most sense to choose based on price, their attitude/professionalism, and your gut feeling.

When choosing an auto body shop, ask smart questions like, “Do you provide a written warranty and if so, what does it specifically cover and how long is it good for?”

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