Collision And Auto Body Repair Blaine

Collision_and_Auto_Body_Repair_BlaineFor collision and auto body repair Blaine residents often choose North Star Auto Body, a reputable auto body shop. How can you figure out if a place is reputable? Ask around, and see what friends and family have to say about area auto body shops. You can also read online reviews.

Typically, a good collision and auto body repair Blaine business offers a lifetime warranty on their work, which North Star does. If a shop doesn’t offer one, a customer should ask, “Why not?”

Also, consider how long the shop has been in business. Are they brand new with no real track record, yet? Or have they been around for decades and built a solid reputation over the years?

When you drive up to the shop, how clean and secure is the parking lot and garage? Do the owners and workers seem to have their act together, or is everything a mess?

Next, ask whether a shop uses original factory parts or aftermarket/used parts. The better shops stick with using manufacturer recommended original factory parts as often as possible. You should also ask if the technicians have specific experience working on your type of vehicle.

Finally, consider getting three or four estimates so you can compare prices. You might also want to ask for a timeframe from each place to get a better feel for how long the work will take. If time is of the essence, and one place says they can get to it within two days versus another saying, “later this month,” timeliness comes into play and can help determine who you ultimately choose.

For collision and auto body repair Blaine residents should definitely consider getting an estimate from North Star Auto Body. From dent repair to painting services involving expert factory color matching and blending for your vehicle repairs, North Star Auto Body is a smart choice in Blaine, MN. Call 763-432-7537 to schedule an appointment.

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