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car_painting_blaineProfessional car painting Blaine is available at North Star Auto Body, where your vehicle gets treated like the important piece of machinery it is.

All too often, people go to the local discount store and buy things like paint markers or paint kits to “touch-up” the spots on their car or truck where the paint has chipped off. Cheap products applied amateurishly end up making the vehicle look worse than before. If and when you tried to “do-it-yourself,” and it turned out to look really bad, bring the vehicle to North Star Auto Body for proper car painting Blaine. North Star can fix paint mistakes, big or small.

North Star Auto Body can remove touch-up paint that looks bad and detail the area(s) so the nicks, scratches, chips and other problems disappear. Also, North Star is able to do a great paint color and shade match so you wouldn’t even know there used to be something wrong with a spot or two on your car or truck. North Star pays special attention to how smooth the paint looks, matches and shines– making sure it looks as good (or better) than a factory paint job.

There’s a lot that goes into car painting. Blaine motorists know that North Star Auto Body has a state-of-the-art facility which has all the kinds of tools and equipment to give a vehicle the professional care and attention it needs. Furthermore, North Star’s experienced techs make their living painting cars and trucks, and take great pride in their work. In other words, they treat your vehicle like their own, ensuring that it turns out looking superb.

If you value your car and care about how it looks, take it to North Star Auto Body for a professional car painting Blaine.

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