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Detailing Blaine | NorthStar Auto Body

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detailing_blaineFor superior service when it comes to truck and car detailing Blaine, North Star Auto Body is the place to go. Detailing involves making your vehicle look its best, inside and out. Have you been neglecting your vehicle’s cleanliness? Detailing involves giving it a good cleaning and then some.

Beyond the basics, of things like hand-washing the body, windows and wheels ‘til they sparkle, detailing can also include light bodywork, removing dents, dings or paint marks left by other vehicles. Detailers may also put wax and other protectants on the vehicle’s body, wheels and tires in order to form a protective layer against dirt, grime and gunk.

When you drive a lot, sometimes mud gets on your interior carpet. Or crumbs. Or stones. For detailing Blaine, North Star Auto Body’s techs can give your car or truck’s interior carpets a good and thorough cleaning. In addition, the seats and dashboard and other parts such as the door kick plate can be cleaned so they look (and smell) fresh and clean. Meanwhile, if there’s something in your interior that needs repair or replacing, detailing can include that. Want a customized interior, to make it look different than your friend’s similar car or truck? Let the techs know what changes you want made and it shall be done.

Do you have a classic car that needs a little work or a lot of work? Have North Star Auto Body restore it for you. You could bring in a piece of junk car and eventually drive it off the lot looking like a completely different, better car.

With detailing, Blaine’s North Star Auto Body shop gives vehicles a three-step buff and polish to make the paint look refreshed– good as new. And interiors of vehicles get cleaned from top to bottom.

Your vehicle is in great hands when you bring it to North Star Auto Body for detailing Blaine.

Paint Car Cost Blaine | NorthStar Auto Body

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paint_car_cost_blaineMost people assume paint car cost Blaine, would be expensive.

“Should I spend money on painting my car to make it look better? Is it worth it?”

The answer is “Yes.” North Star Auto Body makes it possible for you to have professionals paint your car keeping the cost down so you can afford to look good driving around in Blaine, MN and not have to totally break the bank.

Some of the main reasons you might want to consider getting paint work done to your vehicle include getting rid of paint scratches, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring and more. If you have paint imperfections, North Star Auto Body has the proper facility and trained technicians who know how to get rid of those imperfections.

Do you want to restore your vehicle to its polished, perfect look? Get rid of dull/faded paintwork and have it resprayed professionally so it looks almost brand new.

Whether your vehicle is ten months old or ten years old, it doesn’t matter: one thing is for sure, and that is that your vehicle’s paint job will be noticed by just about everybody, from the people walking on sidewalks to your neighbors next door.

North Star’s paint shop is state-of-the-art and, more importantly, the guys painting your vehicle are the best in the State of Minnesota. With great attention given to the details, as if they were painting their own car or truck, North Star painters prep your vehicle’s surface properly. Then they take great pride in painting your vehicle to look the way you want it to look. They’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. After all, a person’s vehicle is one of their biggest investments, and is often treated like a member of the family– so it deserves extra special treatment.

Is cost an issue? It shouldn’t be. The ‘paint car cost Blaine’ per vehicle is quite affordable. How affordable, you wonder? Call North Star Auto Body today at 763-432-7537 and ask for a free quote. It’s time your vehicle got its professional paint job done!

Body Repair in Blaine, MN | NorthStar Auto Body

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body_repair_in_blaine_mnFor body repair in Blaine, MN, North Star Auto Body can repair all makes and models of vehicles. From paintless dent repair to replacement parts for damaged cars and trucks, North Star Auto Body covers it all. If something doesn’t look “right” on your car or truck, let North Star take care of it so you’re satisfied.

What are some of the reasons you would need body repair in Blaine? How about a fierce hail storm hits your car while it’s parked outside in the driveway, even though it should have been in the garage. Doh! Or how about this: you’re driving on 35W, minding your own business, when a huge rock drops off the truck in front of you and comes bouncing onto your car, putting dents in the hood, the roof and even the trunk before bouncing off into the ditch? It happens. Then there’s the “accidental” soccer ball hit your vehicle takes at the Blaine Soccer Complex, or the “ding” the vehicle got in the parking lot of the Victory Links Golf Course in Blaine. It’s always something, you know?

North Star Auto Body is a full-service body repair in Blaine, MN ready to restore your vehicle to the way you want it after it has been dinged, dented or messed up. The workers at North Star take pride in their work, and can handle painting a vehicle to mirror a factory automotive paint job. In addition, if your windshield, sunroof, or other piece of glass on the vehicle needs replacing, North Star can do that, too.

North Star techs are versatile and do a variety of body repair in the Blaine shop. From foreign to domestic vehicles, and even classic restorations, North Star Auto Body offers full service claim handling and a lifetime warranty. In other words, when you need the best body repair in Blaine, MN North Star Auto Body is the place to go.

Car Restoration Blaine

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car_restoration_blaineFor car restoration Blaine, you can trust Northstar Auto Body & Glass. Taking older cars that have rust on them, and restoring them to look like new is something we do, and do well.

Restoring older cars involves several steps. Ideally, we want to make your classic car look as historically accurate as possible, which means finding replacement parts from the old days that are in excellent condition.

Regarding a car’s interior, oftentimes the upholstery is torn or faded and the switches and gauges are worn, missing, or need adjustment. Sometimes the radio needs fixing, and in some cases customers want a more modern radio installed so they can play CDs rather than cassette tapes, for example.

When working on a car’s interior, typically we vacuum it, remove the floor and door panels, clean and polish everything that needs cleaning, and replace parts piece-by-piece on an as-needed basis.

Northstar is well known for its car restoration Blaine, especially for our keen exterior restoration work. We can strip the paint to bare metal, replace and/or work with the panels, priming them, and then repaint the exterior so the car looks good as new. If there’s rust on the car’s body, we’ll either sandblast it off, or, if needed, replace the really rusted panels with new sheet metal. Meanwhile, we pay attention to things like door handles, mirrors, taillights and more, ensuring that everything works and sparkles like new.

Underneath the hood, we can tackle restoring the engine. Sometimes we have to completely rebuild or replace it, while other times it just requires some minor adjustments to be in good working condition. Taking a look at the various parts, like the fuel pumps, cylinder heads and pistons, Northstar’s experienced techs know what to look for when it comes to parts needing repairs versus replacements.

For top-notch car restoration Blaine, bring your car or truck to Northstar Auto Body & Glass where we’ll restore it so well, you’d think it was brand new.

Goodbye Rust, Auto Body Rust Repair Blaine

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auto_body_rust_repair_blaineGot rust? The place for auto body rust repair Blaine, MN, is North Star Auto Body & Glass at 2136 108th Lane NE.

If you were alive in the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll remember seeing a lot of cars and trucks on the road covered with rust. In fact, the term “rust bucket” was often used to describe the rustiest of vehicles.

Rust is an iron oxide, usually reddish brown in color, which has plagued car and truck owners for decades. Rusting happens when iron and its alloys, such as steel, corrode over time thanks to water and air moisture. With all the rain, wind, sleet, snow and ice Minnesota winters get, it’s no wonder that many vehicles have experienced flaky, unsightly rust problems over the years.

While more modern vehicles, in particular, don’t seem to rust like older models—due to different materials used in the manufacturing process—there are still plenty of vehicles on the road suffering from spots of rust, as well as body panels, particularly near the tires, experiencing rust.

Rust is like acne—no one wants it, but it exists, and sooner or later you or someone you know gets it. And just like acne, people will do whatever they can to get rid of the rust on their otherwise attractive car or truck.

For auto body rust repair Blaine, North Star Auto Body & Glass is the place to take your vehicle for a “makeover.” The professional techs at North Star have the right equipment to get rid of rust and do quality restoration work on your car or truck so it looks as good as new. North Star’s state-of-the-art painting services go on smooth and clean. You bring in a rusty vehicle, and you can leave with the rust gone—plain and simple as that.

North Star offers auto body rust repair Blaine on all types of vehicles. If you’ve got a “rust bucket” that needs improvement, call 763-432-7537 to get the job done.

Auto Detailing Blaine, The Professional Detailer

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auto_detailing_blaineBesides kids, there are two things most Americans love and obsess about: their pets and their cars. Indeed, many people treat their cars as if they were a member of the family. And just like you’d want to take care of a kid (or pet), you need to take great care of your beloved car. That’s where Northstar comes in.

For auto detailing Blaine, MN, there’s no other logical choice but to bring your car to Northstar!

We can clean it, polish it, paint it, and do whatever else it takes to bring out its show-quality looks. We work on everything from Fords to Ferraris, and we’re passionate about making all makes and models look their absolute best!

Northstar’s auto detailing services cover both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. From sandblasting the exterior before painting, in order to “start fresh,” to restoring the interior leather seats, Northstar treats your car extremely well, in a clean, thoroughly modern facility.

If your car or truck was a person, and Northstar was a hotel, it’d be like your vehicle was staying in a five-star Hilton—not a Motel 6.

We care about excellence in everything we do, and that includes getting “the details” right for each and every customer. Auto detailing Blaine includes Northstar’s 3-step buff and polish to bring that paint back like new. We also clean interiors from top to bottom, making sure that the dash area, panels, windows, seats and carpets are spotless.

With decades of experience working on vehicles to make them look their best, Northstar’s qualified technicians care about “the details,” and enjoy detailing cars. You can trust them to treat your vehicle with TLC, and give it back to you looking cleaner, sharper and even better than before.

For auto detailing Blaine, call North Star at 763-432-7537 today

Fender Bender? Auto Body Repair Blaine

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auto_body_repair_blaineWhat do you do when someone or something hits you car or truck? Do you leave the dent there or do you get it fixed? Ideally, you get it fixed.

Auto body repair Blaine, MN, is best done at Northstar Auto Body & Glass at 2136 108th Lane NE, right off Radisson Road NE. We work on all sorts of vehicles, including classic cars and hot rods, repairing, restoring and customizing them to your liking. We treat your vehicle like it was our own while it’s in the shop, taking care to treat it well.

Whether it’s a small ding or dent you want gone, or your vehicle took a heavy hit and needs repairs on our frame puller, Northstar gets the repair done for you.

Did you know we offer paintless dent repair? We’re also known for our custom painting abilities, and have the talent and ability to make your vehicle look like new.

As auto body repair Blaine, we have the proper facility to do several things to vehicles to make them look their best. Before painting a vehicle, for instance, we sandblast to remove rust and contaminants. We offer color matching, powder coating services, as well as a 3-step buff and polish so you’ll look at your vehicle after it’s done and say, “Wow!”

The great thing about Northstar is we don’t discriminate when it comes to vehicles: we welcome all makes and models, and our intent is to fix and improve them so they’re back to their original condition.

Auto body repair Blaine can sometimes take more than a day—so Northstar offers customers a free rental car. You’re not left without transportation.

Northstar offers full service claim handling and a lifetime warranty—when we work on your vehicle, we care that you’re satisfied and want you to have nothing but good things to say about us. For top-notch auto body repair Blaine, choose Northstar.